Our Value Creates Impact That Also Drives Revenue

With over 30 years of combined experience in business verticals like B2B, SaaS, Tech, and Startups, launching 2,500+ marketing campaigns, participating in over 750 global events, creating 10,000 hours of watchable media content, and generating $300M+ in revenue for brands worldwide collectively, our business is all about driving substantial growth and revenue.

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We Are Də-ˈvər-sə-ˌfīd

Minority-Owned & Operated

Woman-Led & Co-Founded

Black-Led & Co-Founded

S3M is a minority-owned and operated, woman-led, black-led strategic growth consulting + media & technology collective that helps brands harness the power of diversity-led experiential marketing, personality-led growth initiatives, DEIB integrated MarTech innovations, inclusive edutainment, and community-centric media to elevate brand awareness, drive revenue, establish communities, and contribute to social impact. We are disrupting how world-class brands do business, marketing, media, and events. We cultivate a fresh ethos that profoundly values diversity, equitable inclusion, and a culture of belonging to drive explosive, quantum-level growth!

"Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not a checkbox, it’s a strategic advantage. True growth requires authenticity, transparency, inclusiveness, technology, and systems." — Christina Kay, Co-Founder & CEO


Diversity-led Growth Is Our Ethos

Diversity Equals Revenue

We believe that focusing on diversity drives more revenue, expands community, and taps into more buying power.

Empowerment Fuels Success

We know that minority empowerment fuels success while also inviting and inspiring innovation.

Investments Make Impact

We acknowledge the right investments in underrepresented communities and business will make a lasting impact.

We partner with the world’s most ambitious brands, startups, nonprofits, venture capitalists, and emerging game changers to embrace a better way — a more inclusive way — to perform in the workplace, run marketing campaigns, host events, and conduct business that puts equality and inclusion at the forefront.

"Diversity drives revenue, inclusivity is the secret to innovation, and community is the heart and soul to cultivate business. It’s the now. It’s the future. It’s the way to move forward doing business, building brands, and putting on unforgettable events and experiences. In today’s world, business profitability will not be as poignant without inclusivity reverberating with resounding urgency." — Troy Sandidge, Co-Founder & CMO


Grow & Scale Your Business With
Diversity-led Innovation

Diversity = Revenue.

Inclusion = Innovation.

Technology = Scalability.

Edutainment = New Media.

Community = Sustainability.

We meet brands at the intersection of experience, entertainment, education, and empowerment to drive profitable outcomes and social impact in an inclusive and equitable way.

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Q. Why Focus On Diversity-Led Growth?

In a diversity-led growth model, organizations actively recognize diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences can profoundly impact a company's success — creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels heard and valued, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or other factors.

This approach recognizes that diverse teams are more creative, adaptable, and better equipped to solve complex problems. By actively engaging with diverse talent and fostering an inclusive environment, organizations can tap into new markets, better understand customer needs, and innovate in ways that drive revenue growth.

In essence, diversity-led growth is about harnessing the potential of diversity as a strategic advantage, leading to improved business outcomes, stronger community connections, and a more equitable and sustainable future!

Q. How Can 'Experiential Marketing' Create Profitable ROI?

We harness the transformative power of experiences to create memorable, impactful moments at business conferences and events that can step into the spotlight as expert emcees and media personalities to increase attendee engagement and delight.

We're not just content creators; we are experienced architects, elevating your event to new heights.

We are your trusted partners in crafting transformative experiences that leave a lasting impression, no matter the industry you serve.

Together, we'll navigate uncharted territories and make a mark that resonates long after the event concludes.

Q. Where Does Entertainment Fit Into The Future Of Growing B2B Businesses?

We are in the entertainment business, building media assets and social value to expand community awareness and relevance.

Brand authority and revenue generation is at the heart of our strategy in creating compelling content into profitable sponsorships and partnerships.

We understand to enchant the hearts of your audience, you must be entertaining to command influence.

We work closely with purpose-driven brands ready to embrace the future of B2B engagement and dominance by defining and communicating their unique value, vision, and expertise, where personality-driven content meets revenue growth and trusted brand success.

Q. How Can Internal & External Educational Development & Training Benefit Businesses?

Our collective goes beyond content creation. Our SMEs can break down complex business, marketing, and growth topics into manageable modules, making learning flexible, accessible, and engaging.

Whether it's employee training, executive advisory, or customer education, we have you covered.

Unlock the full potential of your educational materials, ensuring they reach the right audiences and generate measurable results.

From content distribution strategies to performance analytics, we provide end-to-end support. From curriculum development to content creation, platform design to talent management, we help you transform your knowledge and creativity into immersive learning experiences and captivating entertainment ventures.

Q. Where To Start Building DEIB Initiatives To Empower Employee, Partners, & Communities?

Don't confuse us with average service providers; we are strategic partners driving unparalleled success for startups, scale-ups, venture capital firms' portfolios & private equity, and world-class brands.

We empower your brand or portfolio of companies to embrace diversity and inclusivity while also partnering with global brands or supporting NGOs and government initiatives that uplift underserved communities.

Whether you need support in identifying minority-owned startups or communities to invest in, a strategic partner to used dedicated funds to guide up-and-coming organizations with MarTech integration and GTM initiatives, diverse representatives in communicating or leading directives, or in other ways, we are here to empower those fueled by passion and purpose to making a lasting impact in both the business and social spheres in an equitable way.

Q. What Is S3M Zone Of Genius & Approach?

As leading experts in Go-to-Market (GTM), Marketing Technology (MarTech), Revenue Operations (RevOps), User-Generated Content (UGC), and Community-Centric Development (CCD) using Conscious Growth Pathways™  rooted in DEIB-led standards, we help brands achieve substantial growth harmonizing marketing, sales, operations, brand, messaging, technology, and community.

We're not about false promises; we're all about results. Our approach includes tangible strategies such as data-driven insights, tailored growth plans, community-focused experiences, and cutting-edge technology solutions. We're not afraid to push boundaries, ask uncomfortable questions, and sit in the discomfort because we know that's where the real growth happens!

By empowering your business with the latest tools and knowledge to drive marketing, growth, brand, and revenue; we'll work together to drive measurable growth, expand your market reach, and ensure your success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Discover our four divisions of business.

Embrace The /ˈsēz(ə)n/ /THrē/ Movement

The name ‘Season Three’ /ˈsēz(ə)n/ /THrē/ is an emblem of transformation where athletes break through plateaus to ascend to a new level of peak performance in their unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Season Three Media (S3M), inspired by and channeling that same athletic spirit, leads the way for purpose-driven businesses and community-centric initiatives to experience their own ‘season three’ of growth, achievements, impact, and success serving as our clients’ conduit and guide to craft transformative experiences that propel their brand into the limelight.

We are your seasoned consultants, advisors, marketers, analysts, coaches, strategists, and even cheerleaders ready to help you unleash your true potential and claim your place among the champions to make you world-class!

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